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5 Passive Income Ideas to Help You Make Money Online

  Ready to make money online ? These 5 passive income ideas will get you started and help you generate a steady source of recurring income! Are you looking for ways to make money without having to put in long hours at a 9-to-5 job? Generating a passive income stream can be an excellent way to generate recurring income with minimal effort. In this article, we'll look at 5 different ideas for earning passive income . Create an online course Creating an online course is a great way to generate passive income - and you don't have to be a programmer or a teaching expert to do it. There are plenty of tools available that can help you create an online course quickly and easily. All you need is an idea and the right tools! Once your course is up and running, it will generate passive income for you on an ongoing basis. Invest in rental real estate Investing in rental real estate can be a great way to generate passive income. By buying a property and renting it out, you can enjoy stabl

Flowers in the office: Floral mood makers in the workplace

Not only at home do we love to decoratively stage plants and flowers. After all, roses, orchids, single leaves, and co. know how to enrich every room and conjure up a wonderful feel-good atmosphere everywhere. And of course, we also want to enjoy that when working in the office. That's why things should be a little flowery on and around the desk - both in the home office and in the open-plan office in the middle of the city.

More fun at work thanks to office plants

Undoubtedly the most important argument why every office should be decorated with plants: The room ambiance improves immensely! But how do the charming natural beauties do it? Quite simply: by creating a perfect working atmosphere for us. In other words, they ensure that air quality, background noise, and appearance are harmoniously balanced. To do this, they produce oxygen, for example, allowing the air humidity to rise and act like a natural silencer. Oh yes, and of course, they are pretty to look at too. 

We can urgently use all of this when working in the office. Because in view of the often miserable room climate - caused by dry heating air, lack of oxygen and a jumble of noises - headaches, tiredness and the like are inevitable for many people.

Fortunately, floral decoration in the workplace can prevent this - even scientific studies have proven this. According to this, plants have a positive effect on our physical well-being, so that we can work more concentrated, motivated, and faster. But that's not all: even our creativity is demonstrably inspired by the floral splendor. And when creativity and eagerness to workflow unhindered, we can ultimately deliver top performances. Not only the boss is happy!

5 good reasons for an office with flowers

  • improve the indoor climate (reduced background noise, good air quality)
  • create a comfortable atmosphere
  • exude calm
  • are inspiring
  • promote concentration and creativity


Office plants as a gift?! Yes of course! Because floral mood makers are particularly popular on company anniversaries when founding a company or opening a business. But office plants are also ideal if you would like to give your employees or colleagues a little attention in between. So why not give your employee of the month a flowery surprise! Whether it's a potted plant or a bouquet of flowers for the office, one thing is certain: flowers are always a gift of happiness and joy.

Flower decoration in the office

Decorating the workplace with flowers: tips and trends

Potted plants, bouquets of flowers, or hanging baskets - you decide how you want to brighten up your workplace with flowers. Plants that are frugal and uncomplicated in terms of care and location make it particularly easy for you. Therefore, when it comes to the most popular office plants, they are always at the forefront: cacti. The prickly desert flowers are extremely undemanding and exude a paradisiacal exotic flair that lets us indulge in memories of sun, sand, and sea. And wandering off into the distance from time to time can not only be a pleasant change from the dreary everyday work but also help to replenish energy reserves.

Zamie, nest fern, Cyprus grass, or green lily are at least as stimulating. And of course, the well-loved fig species such as the rubber tree or the ficus ginseng fit harmoniously between the PC, telephone, and pile of documents.

If the plant decorations at the workplace can be a little larger, easy-care palms such as the yucca palm, mountain palm, or Nolina palm are extremely popular. Alternatively, climbing plants such as philodendrons or ivy can also shine as office plants.

You are currently very trendy if you choose succulents as the star of your office planting. Just like cacti, they inspire as expressive survivors - they only need little water and care. So it's ideal when things get stressful at work and plant care has to be postponed. Succulents like our green arch hemp or the aloe sorts will forgive you and will still shine juicy green later.

But of course, a potted plant does not always have to serve as decoration for the office. The classic bouquet of flowers is also welcome to be placed on the desk. After all, it is not for nothing that it has always been considered a source of inspiration for creative work. Would you like to convince yourself of this? 

Popular plants for the office:

  • succulents
  • cacti
  • Palm trees (yucca palm, mountain palm, etc.)
  • Climbing plants (ivy, philodendron)
  • Ficus species
  • cut flowers
An interesting article: The Language of Flowers

Plant oasis at home at the desk: home office with flowers

For us, the culmination of office planting: decorating the home office with flowers. Because we don't have to follow any rules. Instead, we can decorate our workplace as florally as we like. In short: Whether flowery nuances or plant jungle - you alone decide how green you want your home office to be. Always a good choice: bouquets of flowers. They bring the necessary amount of variety to the plant decorations at the workplace. So let's go: create a flowery office so that you can hit the ground running at work.

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  1. I don't know what it is, but plants just make me feel better! And in an office space, I think they can do wonders for the mental health of employees.

  2. I love plants and flowers and I can not imagine my office without plants. They change definately the office environment.

  3. I love decorating with plants because they improve the environment, and these are great tips on decorating an office with plants and flowers!


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